Tamagotchi Friends Growth Chart

I reversed the ‘evolve’ function in the Tamagotchi Friends to make the first ‘growth chart’ for this Tamagotchi version. Growth on the Tamagotchi Friends is determined by how well the Tamagotchi is cared for, its personality, which is set by specific user behaviours and randomness.



The evolve function was pretty easy to find in the code, as it is similar to the Tamatown Tama-Go’s evolve function in that is uses the X register for most comparisons. This is unusual in the Tamagotchi’s code, so it stood out.

As shown above, the function splits into four main paths right away. These correspond to a baby becoming a child, a child becoming a teen, a teen becoming and adult, and an adult’s baby becoming its own character (which I didn’t look at).

Baby Becoming a Child

The child a baby becomes is random, it is determined from entropy source C0. For even generations, the child is completely random. For odd generations, the child sprite of the previous generation is fetched, and there is a 2/3 chance that it will be the sprite that the baby did not grow into last time

Child Becoming a Teen

The teen a child becomes is based entirely on a single care factor at address 0x328. It ranges between 0 and 15, with low values corresponding to good care. It was difficult to tell everything that affect this factor, but it’s definitely affected by feeding and playing with the Tamagotchi. Unlike with the Tama-Go, it does not appear to have a random element.

Different child sprites react differently to the care factor though. Turtletchi and Terupatchi can be cared for slightly less well than Petithanaatchi or Mitsumarutchi without ‘excellent’ care becoming ‘good’ care. On the other hand, Petithanaatchi or Mitsumarutchi can be cared for less well than Turtletchi and Terupatchi without ‘good’ care becoming ‘okay’.

The characters for each care level are shown below.


Child to teen evolution

Child to teen evolution

Teen Becoming Adult

The adult a teen becomes is based on two bytes, the care factor at address 328 described above, and another factor at address 31A. This turned out to be the Tamagotchi’s ‘personality’. It starts out having a value of 0, which means the Tamagotchi has no specific personality, and the personality can get set the following ways:

Social— A Tamagotchi becomes social if you send or receive at least 10 SMS messages while the Tamagotchi is a teen

Active— A Tamagotchi becomes active if you play coin catch with it 10 times while it is a teenager (other games might also work)

Gourmet— A Tamagotchi becomes gourmet if you feed it at least 15 meals while it is a teenager (I feel like this should only apply to meals that are purchased versus the default bread, but I can’t find anywhere this happens, so I suspect it works with the bread too.

When a teen evolves, its care level is first determined based on the following table:

  Perfect Excellent Good Poor
0 1-2 3-4 5+
0 1 2-3 4
0-3 4 5-6 7

Note that the harder the teen character was to obtain care-wise when it was a child, the easier it is to get a high level of care when it evolves as an adult. So care adds up across life stages!

Then, the character is selected based on the Tamagotchi’s personality.

“Random” means a character is selected randomly from the row for its care level.

Below is the full growth chart!

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t it beautiful?

This is of course a work in progress. If you have anything to add, or this contradicts what you see on your Tamagotchi, please comment on this post, or email me.

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39 responses to Tamagotchi Friends Growth Chart

  1. Ryina

    Hi!! This is so useful! It’s been ages since I got my last tamagotchi (it was the first version of all :O) and a lot of things have changed! I found your post searching for a growth chart, because I’ve raised 5 tamas, 2 of them were Knighttchi and another 2 were Coffretchi! I think I’m going to mail you… perhaps I can help a little! ^^

  2. Tamafan

    What happens if you go to park? It’s like send 10 SMS?? ‘Couse I only have one Tama Friends, and I don’t want to spend for another; Can I get Mametchi?? :3

    Thanks 🙂

    • TFfan

      You can get Mametchi. There is a random box in the row of perfect care. Don’t give personality to your tamagotchi, take care of it very well and you might get Mametchi. Good luck!

      • Sofia

        That’s not true. For tamagotchi friends to get Mametchi you need to make it send at least 15 letters

        • oniria

          I got a mametchi 3 times and i didnt send any messages!
          Its true what tffan says. There is a random box where if you dont give them personalities you can get them all wheter you send messages or not.

        • Slilicanae

          So how will you explain it that I’ve gotten mametchi twice in a row while I only have 1 TMGC Friends?

    • person

      In quite a lot of male slots, it’s randomized.

  3. I am I perfect all the time

  4. cecilia

    i just got neotchi i can help ill tell you who it evoles into! 😉

    • Miraitchi##

      You can get all different kinds of female Tamagotchis. It really depends on the personality and care mistakes.

  5. abby

    this was very helpful i was so afraid I treated my Tamagotchi friend poorly but now I know 😛

  6. Ahsoka

    Thanks a lot for h growth chart it’s soo useful !!!!!

  7. Clulutchi

    I would like to know, what is the lifespan of a Tamagotchi friends version 5 with perfect care? When does the ‘date place’ / matchmaker come? I would be obliged if you would answer these questions. 😉

  8. Miraitchi##

    Hi Natalie! I was wondering why when I played with my Cosmotchi more than 10 times, it still evolved into a Knightchi. (My Tamagotchi Friends is the North American version.)

    • Red

      You probably fed it more then you played with it.

    • Kawaii

      It’s because your tamagotchi turns into the one you do first so if you fed it 15 times before you play with it 10 times it will turn into the one you do first. Hope I helped. ^_^

  9. Miraitchi##

    Why doesn’t my Tamagotchi friends get an active personality when I play with it more than ten times?

  10. Kawaii

    What if I want the perfect care social one (yumemitchi) but I have no friends and only one egg thang (the thing u play on)
    Can I still get it?

  11. Pyroluna

    Hello, I am having a lot of trouble obtaining the bad care characters. I would like to follow your guide but I do not understand it all. Please can you explain to me about good and bad care and what the ‘address’ and numbers mean? If you could contact me with some help, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  12. Андрей

    А чтобы получить “Активный” тип нужно просто поиграть 10 раз или именно выиграть в 10?

  13. kat3oh3

    Ty this will help me alot ….but my question is whn can i play in the music store everytime i try the happy owner gets a 😐 look and i go home…one new feature i absolutly in love with the is the pause feature and clock ….so handing for working and whn i dont have my phone on me for time

  14. Rachel

    Thank you so much for this! This is a huge help to know. And thank you for putting it into an graphic format too! Thanks again!

  15. Aya Teng

    What are other ways to get a social girl tamagotchi. I don’t have another. Please help me!

    • I have an answer for a similar question. I wanted a knighttitchi and yumetchi wondered how to socialize one without the other. I raised a boy to knighttitchi paused the game raised a girl teen and so-called her with adult. Got yumetchi and knighttitchi desired.

  16. How I can get Kiraritchi? Can I get her if I often play games or if I go to the PC or park? Please, help.

  17. Diego

    Hi! Infollow you since lot of years ago.
    Yesterday found my lost tamagotchi friends, and I have 1 question, and I hope you can help me.

    Is possible to obtain random character for the girls with perfect and excellent care? Because there is no random window. Thanks!

  18. AnniChu

    This cleared up a lot of questions I had with my new Friends, thanks so much! One question I have though is when trying to get a Gourmet character, do snacks count towards the 15, or is it only meals? I’m trying to get a Kuchipatchi. Thanks so much!

  19. HC. Bohman

    So, with those “random” characters, how do I achieve them? I’ve mistakenly achieved two of them, Butterflytchi and Amakutchi. I think I just paused them daily and unpaused them at nighttime… Should there be 32 characters instead of 24?

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