30c3 Workshop

I will be doing a workshop at 30c3 on December 29 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to hack a Tamagotchi, here’s your chance! During the workshop, you will learn about the different “Tama development” tools available, and work towards putting your photo on a Tamagotchi.

Kits for the workshop cost €25 plus VAT, and include a TamaTown Tama-Go Tamagotchi, a figure containing compatible flash, and a special 30c3-themed programming board. You should also bring a laptop with Python, PIL and the Arduino dev environment installed and a microUSB cable.

The kit!

The kit!

A kit is not necessary to attend the workshop, but it is strongly recommended as the most of the activities in the workshop will involve the kit, and seating priority will be given to people with kits (if you already have a kit from a previous workshop, or already have a compatible Tamagotchi, please contact me so I can save you a seat).

Kit sales are closed

Note that you *must* attend the workshop to get your kit, otherwise you will forfeit the cost of the kit. The Tamagotchis in the kits take a fair amount of time and effort to procure, and I am selling them at cost. They are intended only for people who are attending my workshop. If you aren’t attending the workshop, compatible Tamagotchis can be ordered online from many toy stores, and programming boards can be ordered here. I made a lot of programming boards, so feel free to order as many of these as you want, even just to use as an Arduino.

Hope to see you there!

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