NatalieI’m Natalie Silvanovich and I like to hack Tamagotchis! By day, I’m a Security Engineer on Project Zero at Google, where my work involves breaking Flash among other things, but unfortunately does not involve hacking Tamagotchis. I’m also a founding member of the Kwartzlab Makerspace in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, where I sometimes play around with lasers or arduinos, but it’s mostly all about the Tamagotchis.

You can contact me at natalie@natashenka.ca


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  1. Hey Natalie, quick Question, unfortunately I can not attend your workshop 30c3, but I wonder if you can buy one of the kits + tamagochi and send me via postal-mail to Spain The other option is to buy the KIT and have it deliver to my friend Mario Vilas, who will attend to your Workshop and if you can give me in Spain.

    Take this opportunity to comment if you check to the possibility to presenting something at rootedcon, https://www.rootedcon.es/cfp2014-es/

    Cheers and good research!


  2. heh, ok no problem i order via web no problem.

    btw, this conference this year the conference acepts english talks



  3. mccbala

    Do you have similar posters for scripting languages like PHP, JS? If yes, I’d surely buy them… 😀

  4. justin

    Saw your 30c3 talk on YouTube. Really enjoyed the talk. Thanks for sharing your work.

  5. Elena

    Hi! I Just got Tamagotchi friends from my friend in USA. I was just searching info about it as I am collecting them and very curious. Can you tell me please, what does the hacked tamagotchi programming board will give to me? What is special about it? I think I have seen it on eaby?

  6. Kyotchi

    Hi! Is it possible yo hack a tamagotchi and alter the stats, gender, age…?

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  10. ShinY

    Hi your works are so impressive! I’m really into tamagotchis and I can’t help falling into reverse engineering it!!

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