My Tamagotchi Forever Evolution Chart

Starting when a Tamagotchi is a teen, every time you feed it, the teen accumulates points towards becoming each adult based on the type of food it is fed. When it evolves, it turns into the character with the most points. If two or more characters have equal points, the adult is randomly selected from the ones with the highest points.

The chart above shows the values of each type of food for evolving into each adult. For every item fed to the teen, the points for each adult is increased by:

points in chart x hunger

The hunger is the amount the hunger of the Tamagotchi went down by eating the food. Usually this value is the same for each food, but if the teen is fed when it is almost full, it will be lower, because the food does not increase the hunger meter as much.

Note that the training course must be placed to gain any points for Gozarutchi (the secret character).

Becoming a ninja requires training!

Some examples

– If the teen is never fed, all adults will have a score of 0, and the teen will evolve into a random adult
– If the teen is fed only vegetables, such as broccoli, and the training course is placed, it will become Gozarutchi
– If the teen is fed only fruit, it will randomly become either Charmametchi, Kuromametchi, Memetchi or Sebiretchi
– If the teen is alternately fed snacks and fruits when it is hungry, it will become Sebiretchi

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